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…About the Meetings We Conduct

 “You are excellent presenters and very knowledgeable about a variety of subjects.  Look forward to a part ‘2’ next year.” 
Capacity-building for a community organization

“The training was excellent and definitely exceeded my expectations.  I spent several hours today going over the materials and the materials also exceeded my expectations.  Both our organization and its directors benefited from the training which will hopefully translate into the community benefiting.”
Strategic planning for a community organization

...About the Materials We Produce

“Kudos!  The briefs were a hit!”
Fact Sheets for a national meeting

“…an invaluable guide in redefining and reshaping the future.”
“…find(s) sustainable solutions for pressing community problems.”
“…covers new ground (and) provides practical strategies…toward developing livable communities.”
"Our work wouldn't have happened without the Toolkit. It gave us a real jump-start, a way to focus."
Toolkit users from state and national organizations

…About Our Strategic Consulting

“This project will serve as a model of transparency and accountability for government to use as a case study.” 
International project for institutional capacity-building

"I've attached a document which will give you some idea of how far we have come. You and your colleagues deserve the credit for 'kicking off' these efforts."
Planning with a community organization


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